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Sumtn from Nuthn

Sumtn from Nuthn

Saturdays, midnight-2:00AM and 6:00-8:00PM
Host:  Lastman
Producer: Adam Rice

Sumtn from Nuthn is a Hip Hop radio platform airing for two hours every Friday night/Saturday morning from 12-2am & replayed at other intervals throughout the week. Our goal is to bring you the new real Hip Hop music along with a mix of the classic old school flavors & interviews from today’s hot new artists. Our motto is

In this present era where the corporate power structure has dumbed down the music, lowered the vibration & have began to use our Hip Hop Culture to push their negative agendas & advertisements to the youth many think Hip Hop is dead. Our aim is to keep up with our crowd & give you new refreshing & often times concious Hip Hop music that is still being made on the daily. To show our listeners what’s new out there & share with the masses that Hip Hop is a living & breathing entity that cannot & will not be stopped!

- Comrade Lastman / Sumn from Nuthn