you'll hear us on Monday

Thanks to everyone for finding us during our soft-launch week. Here at RJLA, we're hoping you like where we're going.

We're taking the weekend off to retool and improve, and we'll be back on Monday at 8:00 with the programs we sampled this week. And we'll be bringing you more shows:

--Nana, Don, Bernard, Cynthia, the Poor News Network, Beth, Brandon, Angie, Vida, Sister Charlene, Hugo, Carmen, Bruce, the MTRB Collective, KNOCK LA, Adam, Lastman, Junor, Johnny, Lawrence, Tim, Sebastian, Amalya, Aeylias, Mirsha, Polina, Westside Sound Syndicate, Radio Santana Studios, Leslie, and everyone else who kicked in to make this happen

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